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NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are typically found in formulations that seek to incorporate a healthier oil source that offers nutritional value.Because of their efficient conversion to energy, they are readily absorbed, low in calories, and non trans-fat.Main applications are in infant formula, flavors as a carrier, and weight management, with sports nutrition solutions growing.NEOBEE 标志
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Clarinol® Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is used in dietary supplement markets to reduce body fat and increase lean body mass.Numerous clinical studies have been driving growth in markets for Clarinol®CLA.Clarinol 图像
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Marinol® Omega-3 triglycerides are naturally concentrated and purified using a proprietary process to deliver an optimized set of consumer benefits in sensory, safety and scientific efficacy.Marinol® will help differentiate your product, boost sales and protect your brand’s equity.Marinol® is trusted globally by product developer’s in food supplement, food, clinical  and infant nutritional to promote cardiovascular and neurological health.Marinol® “Pre-metabolized and naturally structured” Omega-3 triglycerides… MODELED ON NATURE.DESIGNED FOR BETTER HEALTH.Marinol 标志
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NEOBEE® 50% Powder 

 NEOBEE 50% Powder Product Bulletin  

NEOBEE 50% Powder MSDS 

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NEOBEE® 70% Powder 

NEOBEE 70% Powder Product Bulletin 

NEOBEE 70% Powder MSDS 

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Clarinol® Powder 

Clarinol Powder Product Bulletin 

Clarinol Powder MSDS 

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Marinol® DHA 20% Powder 

Marinol DHA 20% Powder Product Bulletin 

Marinol DHA 20% Powder MSDS 

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Marinol® Omega-3 HS Powder 

Marinol Omega-3 HS Powder Product Bulletin 

Marinol Omega-3 HS Powder MSDS 

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Not all products are available in markets in all regions.Please contact Stepan U.S. Technical Service at or 1-800-745-7837for additional information. 

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